About Country Chevrolet


Adam and John Wagner started the first car dealership and garage on the east side of Herscher’s main street in 1910.
Adam Wagner build the brick building in 1912 for a repair garage. In 1917 John Wagner bought the livery stable north of the garage and build a white stone block building, which became the dealership showroom and is the location of country Chevrolet.
The brick garage was sold in 1923 to Anthony Knittel and Edwin Geiger which began Herscher Motor Co. a Ford Motor dealership. The building spanned many years as a gas station and mechanic shop, which in 1969 was sold to Ed and Maggie Nolfke, which then became the current Herscher auto parts.
The white stone block building became Wagner Chevrolet in 1949, when David Wagner Adams son became a partner with Laveme Wagner, Johns son and operated until 1971.
In 1972 Don Lockwood bought the Chevrolet dealership, who had sold cars in the Wilmington 10 years prior.
In 2002, the Chevy dealership was sold to Donald Busch, who opened a used car lot on rout 115.
In 2005, Donald Bush sold the Chevrolet dealership to our current business Country Chevrolet.